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Driven Hunting An Introduction


Before delving into the specifics of selecting a rifle for driven hunts, let’s provide a brief overview for those unfamiliar with this hunting method.

Driven hunting involves a collective effort.

This involves a group of hunters and beaters that collaborate to drive game animals towards a stationary group of hunters.

As the animals pass by, the stationary hunters take aim and harvest them.

What makes this type of hunting interesting and challenging?

The answer: only specific animals designated on the game plan are targeted, taking into account factors such as species, weight, age, and gender.

This selective approach adds complexity to the task for hunters.

To succeed in driven hunting, one needs to possess quick reflexes, accurate aim, and the ability to make instantaneous decisions in identifying the intended game, all while prioritising safety above all else.


The initial factor to consider when selecting a rifle for driven hunts is the specific game you intend to pursue.

For larger game species like red deer, white tail, wild boar, or moose, it is essential to choose a caliber that possesses sufficient stopping power to bring down the animal swiftly and humanely.


During driven hunts, shot are typically taken at short to medium distances, usually around 100 meters or less.

This implies that an excessively long-range capability is not necessary, but it is crucial to have a rifle that is accurate at shorter distances.

A rifle with a shorter barrel may offer better manoeuvrability in tight spaces, while a slightly longer barrel may provide enhanced accuracy.

Barrels ranging from 20″ to 24″ inches are generally adequate and recommended.

Driven Hunting Calibre Choice


The primary consideration in driven hunts is to opt for a caliber that delivers sufficient stopping power for the game size you are hunting.

Larger calibers such as 9.3×62, 300 Win Mag, 30-06 Springfield and 308 Win, when paired with appropriate projectiles, will undoubtedly yield the desired outcomes for bigger and more resilient game like wild boar, moose, or red deer.

The chosen caliber determines the bullet’s power, which is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of your shots.

When it comes to caliber selection, there is no universally applicable solution.

The optimal caliber for your rifle will depend on personal preference and the regulations in your specific area.

Generally, a caliber ranging from .270 to .300 is suitable for most game types.

However, if you are targeting larger game such as buffalo, calibers like .375 and 9.3×62 are commonly favoured by hunters.


We believe that a bolt-action rifle is the ideal option.

We know it works! Bolt action rifles have been rigorously field tested by countless hunters in the most demanding and challenging conditions, we have full confidence that you can rely on a good quality rifle to get the job done.

Furthermore, if you observe the current hunting market, you’ll find that bolt-action rifles are the most prevalent choice for driven hunts due to their reliability, accuracy, and ease of maintenance.

Bolt-action rifles offer exceptional versatility and can be used in various hunting scenarios.

They are particularly suitable for driven hunts because of their swift cycling, enabling quick successive shots.

In terms of safety, if you are a beginner, you will find this type of action to be more comfortable as it is straightforward to operate.


Choose The Right Driven Hunting Rifle
A bolt action hunting rifle should be a first choice for use in a driven hunt.


The weight of your rifle is also a crucial consideration when selecting a firearm for driven hunts.

A heavy rifle can be challenging to hold for extended periods, but it provides certain advantages when using larger calibers by mitigating recoil.

On the other hand, a lightweight rifle may not offer the same stability required for precise shots.

Recoil will be more pronounced, necessitating a firm grip and proper shouldering techniques to manage it effectively.

However, these characteristics are highly personal and dependent on individual preferences.

Muzzle brakes can help reduce recoil.

Considering weight, it is crucial to strike a balance between stability and portability.

A rifle that weighs between 2.8 to 3.6 kg, excluding the scope, is generally considered ideal for driven hunts.

This weight range offers a harmonious combination, ensuring ease of carrying while still maintaining accuracy.

Driven Hunting Requires Accuracy


Undoubtedly, precision is a paramount aspect to consider when selecting a rifle for driven hunts.

In such scenarios, where animals are often swiftly moving, the ability to swiftly and accurately take shots is crucial for ensuring an ethical hit that immediately incapacitates the animal.

The most valuable advice we can offer is to invest time in becoming familiar with your rifle.

Visit a shooting range and spend ample time acquainting yourself with its operation.

By engaging in shooting practice and discovering the optimal way it functions, you will cultivate a stronger bond with your firearm.

This familiarity and confidence will accompany you on your hunts, providing reassurance that you can rely on your rifle and feel comfortable while using it.


Quickness stands as another crucial element to contemplate while selecting a rifle for driven hunts.

The ability to react swiftly and shoot promptly is paramount in this type of hunting.

A rifle with a high rate of fire becomes essential for achieving success.

The smooth cycling and reliable feeding of the bolt play a critical role in facilitating speed.

Additionally, the ergonomic design of the rifle, tailored to your body size, length of pull, and sight acquisition, contributes to enhanced speed.

It should feel instinctive and natural, allowing for fast and accurate target acquisition when shouldering the rifle.

Training and practice can further enhance your speed, as opportunities to harvest an animal may arise and vanish within a split second.


Reliability stands as another crucial factor to consider when choosing a rifle for driven hunts.

In such hunts, hunters often encounter adverse weather conditions, necessitating a rifle that can reliably function under such circumstances.

A rifle prone to jamming or malfunctioning can significantly diminish your chances of success.

Optics Are Integral for Driven Hunting Success


When it comes to selecting optics for your rifle numerous factors come into play.

This includes magnification, reticle and objective lens size.

Magnification pertains to the degree of target enlargement provided by the scope.

For driven hunts, a scope with lower magnification is preferred, such as 1-8x or possibly 2-7x.

This enables quick target acquisition and swift shots.

Red dot sights are also highly favoured in driven hunting, as they offer a clear and wide field of view without magnification, complemented by a dot for rapid target acquisition which allows for shooting with both eyes open.

Choosing the ideal scope for driven hunts is a critical decision that warrants careful consideration.

These hunts demand specific skills, and the rifle scope you select can significantly impact your success rate.


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