We Are Your Brokering Dealer!

We Specialise In The Safe & Secure Storage Of Firearms

Here at Gun Bar we like to think we know a thing or two about the safe, secure storage of firearms.

Sometimes and for whatever reasons, people find themselves in a position whereby they cannot legally be in possession of their own firearms.

In many instances this is because of seizure by Police for varying reasons, some of which are:

  • License Suspension
  • Domestic or Apprehended Violence Order (DVO or AVO)
  • Failure To Renew Licence In Time
  • Show Cause Issued by Police

It could also be in situations whereby people are:

  • Away From Home For An Extended Period
  • Deploying With Australian Defence Forces
  • Moving Here From Interstate
  • Want To Sell Firearms On Consignment

Whatever your reasoning, we’ve got you covered.


We Are A 100% Australian, Family Owned Company

We aren’t some huge overseas owned conglomerate.

Gun Bar is a Joint Venture between two Australian, Family Owned Companies.

We employ suitably licensed, qualified and experienced Australian staff and pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional customer experience.


We Treat Your Guns Like We Do Our Own

Safe, secure storage is not just a tagline.

Gun Bar saw a growing need for Firearm Storage as a Service here in Queensland over the past few years.

Many firearms coming from Police custody have not been treated in the manner they probably should have been. We don’t cast aspersions towards the Police though, their job is Policing, not Firearm Storage.


Firearms Leave Our Facility In Better Condition Than They Arrive

It stands to reason that you have invested time, energy and financial resources into acquiring the firearms that you own.

Just because you’re in a position currently where you can’t be in possession of them, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be looked after for when you can be once more.

Guns coming into our facility are given some love to ensure they don’t deteriorate during their stay here.

We pride ourselves on the vault facility that we have constructed which maintains a constant and optimal climatic environment that is best in class.

We are a bespoke dealer based in QLD focussing primarily on the safe, secure storage of firearms and the sale of used guns.

If you're in a situation where you need to store your guns for whatever reason, give us a call on 1800GUNBAR

Yes we can. Let's talk.

We buy guns and we may be able to even sell your guns on your behalf.

Call the team on 1800GUNBAR to discuss.


If you buy a gun privately or from interstate, you can nominate Gun Bar as your Brokering Dealer and have it shipped to us.

We will develop a form for you to complete so we know what is coming but in the meantime, email hello@gunbar.au and give us a heads up.

That's what we're here for.

Reach out to the team and we can talk to you about consigning your gun and achieving a realistic price for you.

Take a look at our most frequently asked questions by clicking (FAQ) on the footer below.


Our QLD Firearm Dealer Licence Number is: 50001615

Our address is:

Po Box 308

We’re Constantly Adjusting Our Offering Based On Feedback

We love feedback!

It is a good measure of what we get both right and wrong. It helps us to grow and it helps us in ensuring that we’re offering you the best customer experience possible.

If you have feedback we’d love to hear it.

We’re Based In Brisbane, Queensland

We are not a walk-in premise and operate very differently from your average “Gun Shop”.

Pick-up’s can be booked by appointments on Week-days.