1 Million Registered Firearms

1 Million Registered Firearms In Queensland

As of 3rd April, 2023 there are now more than 1 Million Registered Firearms in Queensland. 

How Many Registered Firearms In Queensland?

1,001,470 registered firearms in QLD as at 03/04/2023.

Queensland Police Weapons Licensing listed the statistics on their website this morning. 

Interestingly there are 218,763 Issued Weapons Licences to 199,898 Individual Licensees and between us all we have 1,001,470 firearms registered. 

This equates to about 5 registered firearms per licensee. 


How Does This Compare To QLD Population?

According to .idcommunity the 2023 Population Forecast for Queensland is 5,319,000 and will grow to 6,545,000 by 2041 an increase of +23%

The last official figure for the population of Queensland is from 2020 which stood at 5,185,000 so in only 3 short COVID hysteria years we’ve grown our numbers by about 2.6%

If the forecasts are correct and we do achieve a growth rate of 23% between now and 2041 we could see registered firearms reach a number somewhere in the ballpark of 1.25M.


What Does This Mean To Licence Holders?

Business as usual. Introduce someone to the sport. Give them a good time. Help us to grow even more.

Let’s keep on storing firearms safely and securely and continue being upstanding members of society.

The more guns, the more infrastructure we can attract.

With 1 Million Registered Firearms in Queensland we have a case to expand our facilities even further.

That means more ranges to shoot on and more fun in what is overwhelmingly a safe sport.

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