Why A Secure Gun Storage Facility Is Important

Firearms storage facilities offer gun owners an extra layer of security and peace of mind. They provide a safe and secure environment…

1 Million Registered Firearms In Queensland

Gun Bar Blog 1 Million Guns in QLD pic shows 3 x Bolt Action Rifles on a Range Bench

As of 3rd April, 2023 there are now more than 1 Million Registered Firearms in Queensland.  How Many Registered Firearms In Queensland? 1,001,470 registered firearms in QLD as at 03/04/2023. Queensland Police Weapons Licensing listed the statistics on their website this morning.  Interestingly there are 218,763 Issued Weapons Licences to 199,898 Individual Licensees and between… Continue reading 1 Million Registered Firearms In Queensland

We’re Serious About Firearm Storage

Gunbar is a 100% Australian, family owned company that is focussed on the safe, secure storage of Firearms….