Gun Bar Serious About Firearm Storage

We’re Serious About Firearm Storage

Gun Bar is a 100% Australian, family owned company that is serious about firearm storage.

We store guns at times you can’t, whatever the reason.

The Australian firearms industry is highly regulated and firearms storage legislation varies from state to state. 

We are based in Brisbane, Queensland and have the ability to safely and securely store firearms received from anywhere in Australia. 

The Gun Bar vault was engineered to exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements for the safe storage of firearms by the Australian Federal Police, the former owner of the building we are housed in. 

You can be assured that your firearms are in safe hands when storing with Gun Bar for whatever reasons you need to store your guns. 

Whether that be for short or long term, we’ve got you covered.

Common Firearm Storage Reasons:

Gun Bar is fully licensed by Queensland Police Weapons Licensing, dealer licence 50001615.

Whenever you ever need to safely and securely store your firearms make us your first choice.

Check out our article on Why A Secure Gun Storage Facility Is Important and why we have a growing need for them on our Blog.

We’re serious about firearm storage and so should you be.

Call the team on 1800GUNBAR to discuss safe, secure firearm storage today.

We also buy and sell Used Guns.

If you’re in a position where you need to sell guns, we’re in the market to buy. If you need cash fast, then we can help.

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