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What Is A Permit To Acquire And Why Do I Need One?


Permit To Acquire (PTA) Basics

A permit to acquire (PTA) grants permission to a firearms licence holder to purchase or obtain a firearm. 

When you apply for a permit, you will be required to provide information regarding your QLD firearms licence.

Each permit to acquire is specific to a single firearm. Therefore, you must submit a new application every time you wish to acquire a different firearm.

It is important to remember that you can only apply for a permit for the type of firearm that is allowed under your existing licence.

Acquiring A Firearm Through A Permit To Acquire (PTA)

The initial step in obtaining a firearm involves applying for a Permit to Acquire (PTA). 

If you are acquiring the firearm from an individual who possesses a licence but is not a firearms dealer, it is crucial to ensure that the sale is brokered accurately and by a suitably licensed QLD Firearms Dealer. 

A PTA grants authorisation to a firearms licence holder to purchase or obtain a firearm. 

This process aids the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in monitoring the movement of firearms and identifying the firearms registered to a licensee, as well as their storage locations.

For each firearm you intend to acquire, you must complete a separate Permit to Acquire application. 

Fees are applicable for each application and rise every year on 1st July, in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). 

At the time of writing, in Queensland a Permit To Acquire (PTA) is $43

Currently, it is possible to conveniently submit and pay for a PTA application online.

Alternatively, you can download an application for a permit to acquire (Form 28), complete it, and then submit it, along with the required payment, at your local Queensland police station.

During your visit to the station, you will need to provide details of your existing firearms licence and present valid photographic identification.

Hurry Up & Wait

The legislated waiting period for a “first firearm in category” Permit to Acquire (PTA) is 28 days, starting from the date of application submission.

When you have other firearms of the same category on your licence, the 28-day waiting period is not required. 

Applicants who fail to provide adequate information or supporting documents may encounter delays in the processing of their application or even face the possibility of application rejection.

Typically, QLD Police IF they have questions regarding your PTA application will write to you via email which states the need for you to take further action within 14-days. 

Failure to respond to this written request for information will result in Police cancelling the permit application at which point in most instances you will receive a refund. 

Once the application is completed to Police Weapons Licensing satisfaction and all Police internal checks and balances have been completed, your permit application will proceed. 

Upon successful approval of the application, Weapons Licensing will issue a Permit to Acquire (PTA) in the form of a Form 27 – Permit To Acquire, which will be sent to you via mail OR if desired, and actually preferred by most dealers you can request to have your PTA provided electronically directly to a licensed firearms dealer. 

If you are unsure of this process, contact your preferred dealer and ask the question they should be happy to walk you through this process.

In the event that the application is not approved, you will receive written notification regarding the outcome.

Making Sense Of The PTA (Form 27)

Form 27 serves as an approved and issued Permit to Acquire (PTA), consisting of three  parts. 

The top half of the form represents the issued PTA and will be supplied once brokered to you for your records.

The middle section serves as the notice of disposal or NOD and is provided by the brokering dealer to QLD Weapons Licensing. 

There is a 3rd, smaller section at the bottom of the Permit to Acquire that is retained by the dealer as proof of brokerage and for internal records.

The PTA will include an expiry date, and if the firearm is not acquired before this date, a new PTA application will be necessary.

By law an issued Permit To Acquire (PTA) has a validity of 6-months.

This can not be extended and if not exercised prior to expiry, a new permit will need to be sought.

How To Use Your Permit To Acquire (PTA)

If you are acquiring a used gun from a licensed individual, the transaction must be brokered by a licensed firearms dealer

If the nearest licensed dealer is over 100km from your usual place of residence, a Queensland police officer can serve as the broker. 

The dealer or police officer will review the bottom section of the PTA, complete the licensed dealer/police certificate on the reverse side of the PTA, and forward the completed form to Weapons Licensing. 

Upon receipt, Weapons Licensing will transfer the registration of the firearm to your licence.

The disposer of the firearm is required to sign the notice of disposal. If the disposer is unable to sign, a statutory declaration explaining the reason must be attached to the Form 27.

Both the acquirer and disposer should sign the back of the PTA.

An unsigned PTA is unable to be brokered by a Licensed firearm dealer OR a Police Officer. This is a very important detail that should not be overlooked. 

Failure to present the firearm with the PTA to a licensed firearms dealer (or a police officer) will render the transaction impossible to complete. 

The firearm will not be registered to your licence, the PTA will expire, and you will be in unlawful possession of a firearm, facing the risk of prosecution.

Once Weapons Licensing receives the completed notice of disposal, the firearm will be transferred from the disposer’s licence and registered to your licence. 

The updated information will be reflected on your firearms list, which Weapons Licensing supply to you on request or usually prior to a licence renewal. 

Important Points to Remember

If you require modifications to a PTA (e.g., a change of mind regarding the firearm to be acquired), you must return the original PTA to Weapons Licensing for necessary modifications.

Expired PTAs cannot be used to acquire a firearm.

Therefore, if a PTA expires before you have acquired a firearm, it should be returned to Weapons Licensing as it becomes unusable. 

A PTA cannot be renewed, and a new permit application must be submitted.

In the event of a lost, stolen, or destroyed PTA, you must immediately report the matter to a police station and complete a Form 3 (Application for replacement licence – permit to acquire).

Upon receiving the Form 3, Weapons Licensing will issue a replacement PTA.

Lodging a Permit To Acquire Application

Lodge a permit online (or at a QLD Police Station)

If you think you’re ready to take the next step then visit the QLD Police Weapons Licensing Website and lodge a PTA today.


This can seem like a convoluted process and in some ways it is. 

Unfortunately these are the rules we play by. 

If you are in any way unsure, the best bet is to contact a licensed firearms dealer and ask for help. 

Unfortunately, social media is a hotbed of incorrect information and should not be used as a resource for the correct navigation of these matters. 

Here at Gun Bar, we are always happy to help people navigate their way through this minefield. It is literally why we are here. 

If you need help, give the team a call on 1800GUNBAR and let’s get you on the right path. 


Want to know more about getting a QLD Firearms Licence? Check out our Blog for some tips, tricks and advice.

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