Sako L461 Deluxe

Sako – Finnish In Style

Sako embodies the traditional simplicity that Scandinavian design is renowned for.

The words ‘simple, beautiful, functional and safe’ are synonymous with this Finnish firearms manufacturer.

These attributes make it one of the most popular firearms in the world for collectors, hunters and sporting shooters alike.

Who is Sako?

Sako, a renowned firearms manufacturer, originated in Helsinki, Finland, in 1919 with the purpose of repairing private firearms and refurbishing Russian military rifles for the Finnish Civil Guards. 

However, it officially came into existence in 1921 and achieved financial independence. 

The company relocated to Riihimäki, South Finland, in 1927, marking the beginning of its significant journey.

The pivotal moment arrived when it started producing the high-quality rifle known as Pystykorva (the Spitzhound) for the defence force. 

Alongside rifles, they ventured into the production of ammunition, crafting cartridges to complement its firearms. 

The introduction of their first civilian rifle, the Luodikko model 1942, also known as L42, marked a significant milestone.

Throughout the past century, Sako faced challenges, made strategic moves, and weathered various obstacles. 

Despite the ups and downs, the company persevered and adapted, emerging stronger. 

Today, in the 21st century, Sako continues to thrive and uphold its legacy as a leading firearms manufacturer.

A Complex Origin Tale

Sako’s inception occurred shortly after Finland gained independence from the Russian Empire. 

Initially, the company focused on equipping the civilian guard by repairing old Russian firearms acquired during the civil war in 1919. 

However, it wasn’t until 1921 that they transitioned from a mere repairer to a full-fledged manufacturer.

The late 1930s brought significant shifts in Europe’s political landscape, prompting the Finnish government to embark on an extensive military build-up program. 

This period was marked by Finland’s involvement in the Winter War, the Interim Peace, and the Continuation War, all of which kept Sako busy.

During this time, Sako emerged as the largest pistol cartridge manufacturer in the country, supplying most if not all cartridges used with submachine guns. 

Additionally, the demand for their newest rifle model, the m/39, soared to unprecedented levels, leading to a stable period for the young firearms manufacturer.

However, this stability did not last indefinitely.

Sako’s Changing Fortunes

The aftermath of the war posed a significant threat to Sako as the Civil Guards, to which the company was closely affiliated, were listed as forbidden organisations by the Control Authority. 

Despite this challenge, the organisation’s leaders transferred ownership to the Finnish Red Cross, then under the leadership of Marshal of Finland, Mannerheim. 

Notably, the Finnish Red Cross was unique in its involvement in the weapons industry among national Red Cross organisations.

Post-war, Sako had to diversify its offerings. 

The cartridge department shifted its focus to crafting tools and small metal products, like lipstick shells, while the mechanical workshop concentrated on gun repairs. 

In 1946, Sako began producing the L46 field gun model, which had been designed earlier during the war. 

This model found widespread success in Finland, the Nordic countries, and Western Europe.

Later named the L461 “Vixen,” this model continues to be highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors globally.

A turning point came when Sako gained access to the United States market. 

Throughout the 1950s, Sako’s exports of the L46 to the United States steadily increased. 

By 1952, the United States had become Sako’s largest export destination, surpassing domestic Finnish sales by 1953. 

This marked a significant breakthrough for the company.

Decades of Evolution and Expansion

Over the course of several decades, Sako underwent a series of acquisitions and transformations. 

Starting with being purchased by a Finnish cable factory, before merging with Nokia and subsequently uniting with Tikka in 1983. 

Later, Nokia facilitated a merger with the state-owned Valmet, forming the entity known as Sako-Valmet; so far this journey was full of side steps. 

Despite, or perhaps because of, these tumultuous shifts, Sako managed to produce exceptional firearms during these years.

This included notable models like the L579 Forester, L461 Vixen, L61R “Finnbear,” and the lever-action Sako Finnwolf or VL63.

It had become evident that a company of Sako’s size, under the ownership of Nokia and Valmet, could not compete effectively on the international stage. 

To thrive, they needed to become a part of a larger player in the firearms industry. 

This opportunity arrived with the entry of the Italian firearms company Beretta, at the turn of the 21st century.

Under the stewardship of its parent company, Beretta, Sako has experienced 21 years of continuous growth. 

Beretta’s substantial commitment to the industry has fostered the development of Sako, leading to increased production volumes and excellence in manufacturing.

As Sako enters its second century, it stands as a highly skilled weapons manufacturer, boasting a collection of exquisite rifles sought after by collectors, hunters, and sporting shooters across the globe.


Sako Rifles – New and still in demand

Sako S20

The Sako S20 stands as the pioneer hybrid rifle, appealing to both hunters and precision shooters. 

Crafted for dedicated enthusiasts seeking control in every situation, its modular structure adapts to evolving lifestyles, ensuring it remains a future-proof bolt action rifle.

Sako 85

Although no longer in production, the Sako 85 remains in high demand. 

This premium-line bolt-action centrefire hunting rifle, available in various configurations and calibres, including the popular Finnlight, Classic, Varmint, Kodiak, Bavarian (among others) and continues to captivate enthusiasts.

Sako TRG

Globally acclaimed by competitive shooters, the Sako TRG series is renowned for its unparalleled accuracy and reliability. 

Designed to excel in challenging shooting scenarios, these rifles offer a ready-to-use solution for competitive shooting right out of the box.

Sako Quad

Unmatched in versatility, the Sako Quad allows for rapid barrel changes in seconds. 

Its innovative design permits effortless calibre changes, making it an exceptionally adaptable choice. 

Coupled with phenomenal accuracy, this rifle stands out among its peers.

Sako Finnfire II

Despite no longer being in production, the Finnfire II rifles continue to enjoy popularity due to their unerring accuracy. 

Featuring high-end walnut stocks, free-floating steel barrels, and specialised features for hunting, varminting, and sport shooting, these rifles represent precision craftsmanship.

Sako 90

Specifically crafted for mountain, backcountry, and traditional game hunting, the Sako 90 series offers ultimate accuracy, reliability, and smooth operation. The Sako 90 is the next generation of the Sako 85 family which is now obsolete. 

Enhanced ergonomics, materials, and coatings contribute to an unparalleled hunting experience, making them a top choice among hunters.

Sako 100

Celebrating a century of Sako rifle development, the Sako 100 represents the pinnacle of excellence, showcasing Sako’s commitment to innovation and quality. 

This true premium hunting rifle caters to the needs of passionate hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Featuring the Explorer Wood and Explorer Carbon models, both are available in Q4 2023.


Sako is a mark of absolute quality and in my opinion a stand-out in the world of firearms.

For years, the brand has been chasing continual improvement and development of targeted capability to meet the needs and desires of firearm enthusiasts, collectors and shooters world wide.

There is a large contingent of Sako collectors here in Australia and Gun Bar works with quite a few to source, supply, sell, broker transactions when and where needed.

The owners of large Sako collections that we work with are private individuals who have incredible taste and have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the product line-up that has a become a huge resource for Gun Bar to be able to learn and grow from.

The people that we work with appreciate the level of care that we give to their rifles and our efforts to preserve the history of this great truly great European rifle manufacturer.

Regardless of where you are in the Country, if you have a cherished collection and would like to deal with the best in the business when it comes to preservation of value you’re in safe hands with Gun Bar. You won’t have to make too many phone calls to fellow collectors before someone will speak enthusiastically about their interactions with us and the results we have achieved for them.

Please, reach out and let’s have a discussion on how my team and I can deliver you a class leading experience.

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