Sako 85 Grizzly 308WIN

SKU: 141581A
Used Condition: EXCELLENT

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Last of its kind!

They aren’t making Sako 85 any more. While a sad day, the Sako 90 is on dealer’s shelves all over the Country.

The one thing missing? The Mighty Grizzly.

There is no such thing as a Sako 90 Grizzly and that means, this excellent example is truly an endangered species.

If history is anything to go by, that makes this particular rifle collectible and worth having in your safe down the track.

People may not recognise it now, but the Grizzly will only become a more attractive rifle as time goes on.

This particular rifle is in Very Good To Excellent condition.

It has had a few rounds (literally) through it, but looking at it you couldn’t tell. Check out the bolt face pics we’ve provided.

The downside is a particular mark that we’ve highlighted on the rollover on the left hand side of the comb.

Our high quality photographs actually make it look worse than what it is.

The prior owner used this gun for exactly what it was designed for and it has been carried and handled on a few hunts.

One hunt in particular, he lost his footing and the blemish on the stock is the result.

This rifle has been priced accordingly and now that we have been absolutely up front and honest with you, we will also make the statement that in no way will it affect the accuracy or your usage of this Sako Dinosaur.

Extinction sucks. Help us to slow the effects by giving this rifle a good home for the next 20 years, it is sure to appreciate in value if loved and cared for.

Call the team on 1800GUNBAR and let’s get you a Grizzly.

SKU: 141581A
Overall Condition: VERY GOOD
Caliber: 308WIN
Action: Bolt
Capacity: 4 Round

For the purposes of a Queensland Permit To Acquire (check for your state)

Category: B

Calibre: 308WIN

Action: Bolt

Dealer: 50001615

Dealer Name: Gun Bar

Dealer Address: Po Box 308 SPRING HILL QLD 4004


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