Sabatti Rover Walnut Package in 222REM

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We’ve packaged the Sabatti Rover Walnut with a Vixen 2-8×32 and the results are astounding.

It’s understandable if you don’t know a great deal about Sabatti and while there are plenty of options available on the market already, no one else can claim a more than 330 year heritage of producing rifle barrels of the greatest accuracy.

Manufactured in Italy and managed by the Sabatti family for generations, this is a rifle you will get a lot of satisfaction from.

We’ve packaged it with a Vixen Optic (Made in Japan) along with Leapers rings and a Sabatti (short action) Picatinny Rail and we’re making this package available for only $1,799 – that’s a saving of $525 if you were to go and piece this together yourself.

Sabatti Rover Walnut

Introducing the Sabatti Rover Walnut Blued in 222REM: A Classic Blend of Elegance and Precision


  1. Caliber: 222REM
  2. Action: Bolt Action
  3. Barrel Length: 22 inches
  4. Capacity: 5 rounds
  5. Stock: Hand-Checkered Turkish Walnut
  6. Finish: Deep Blued
  7. Overall Length: 42 inches
  8. Weight: 7.5 pounds
  9. Trigger: Single-Stage Adjustable

Key Features:

  1. Timeless Elegance: The Sabatti Rover Walnut Blued in 222REM combines classic aesthetics with modern precision. The hand-checkered Turkish Walnut stock exudes warmth and sophistication, providing both beauty and functionality.
  2. Precision Bolt Action: The bolt action ensures smooth and reliable cycling, contributing to the rifle’s overall accuracy. The 222REM caliber is renowned for its precision and flat trajectory, making it an excellent choice for varmint hunting and target shooting.
  3. Deep Blued Finish: The deep blued finish not only enhances the rifle’s visual appeal but also provides durability and corrosion resistance. This ensures that the Sabatti Rover maintains its elegance even in challenging outdoor conditions.
  4. Optimised Barrel Length: With a 22-inch barrel, this rifle strikes a balance between maneuverability and ballistic efficiency. The optimised length ensures consistent accuracy while allowing for easy handling in various shooting scenarios.
  5. Adjustable Trigger: The single-stage adjustable trigger allows shooters to customise the trigger pull to their preference, promoting a comfortable and controlled shooting experience.
  6. Versatile Sighting Options: The rifle comes equipped with adjustable iron sights, providing a reliable option for quick and accurate target acquisition. The sights can be easily adjusted to accommodate different shooting distances.
  7. Ample Magazine Capacity: The 5-round capacity ensures that you have enough rounds at your disposal for sustained shooting sessions, whether you’re at the range or out in the field.

The Sabatti Rover Walnut Blued in 222REM is a tribute to precision and craftsmanship.

Not only excellent value for money, extremely precise and compatible with a wide variety of accessories, the very manufacturing process employed for these barrels ensure compact shot migration with minimal dispersion.

From its exquisite Turkish Walnut stock to its dependable bolt action and versatile sighting options, this rifle is a testament to Sabatti’s commitment to quality. Elevate your shooting experience with the Sabatti Rover Walnut Blued packaged with high quality Japanese glass, now available on the Gun Bar website.

Call the team on 1800GUNBAR today and let’s make this your reality.

SKU: 141575A
Overall Condition: BRAND NEW
Caliber: 222REM
Action: Bolt
Capacity: 5 Round

For the purposes of a Queensland Permit To Acquire (check for your state)

Category: B

Calibre: 222REM

Action: Bolt

Dealer: 50001615

Dealer Name: Gun Bar

Dealer Address: Po Box 308 SPRING HILL QLD 4004


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