Sabatti Safari Big Five EDL Express Rifle

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Sabatti Safari Big Five EDL Express Rifle


Introducing the Sabatti Safari Big Five EDL Express Rifle, the epitome of traditional big game hunting rifles. Designed with the classic profiles and dimensions of side-by-side double rifles, this masterpiece is crafted specifically for hunting the African Big Five: elephant, Cape buffalo, rhino, lion, and leopard.

Key Features

1. Traditional and Elegant Design:

  • Classic Express Rifle Style: The Sabatti Safari Big Five EDL Express Rifle embodies the traditional style of big game hunting rifles, with design elements reminiscent of classic safari adventures.
  • Finely Engraved Side Plates: The rifle features exquisitely engraved side plates, adding an element of sophistication and craftsmanship.


2. Robust and Reliable Construction:

  • Anson Deeley Boxlock Design: Built on a boxlock-type Anson Deeley design engineered entirely by Sabatti, this rifle is crafted to withstand the most powerful loads, ensuring dependable performance in the field.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from high-quality special steels, this rifle offers unparalleled durability and strength.


3. Precision and Performance:

  • Cold-Hammer Forged Barrels: The cold-hammer forged barrels are meticulously hand-coupled and regulated to ensure precise shot placement and consistent accuracy.
  • Superior Sturdiness and Reliability: Known for their robustness, Sabatti firearms provide the reliability and accuracy required for successful big game hunting.


4. Elegant Finishing Touches:

  • Premium Walnut Stock: The selected walnut stock is beautifully crafted with a cheekpiece and hand-checkered handguard and grip, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Oil-Treated Wood Components: All wooden components receive a high-quality oil treatment, adding to the rifle’s elegance and durability.


5. Versatile Trigger System:

  • Standard Double Trigger: The rifle comes standard with a double trigger, offering traditional reliability and quick follow-up shots.
  • Optional Single Trigger and Automatic Extractors: For those who prefer, the rifle can be customized with a single trigger system and automatic extractors.



  • Calibers: 450 N.E, 470 N.E, 500 N.E
  • Barrel Length: 60cm
  • Weight: Approximately 7 lbs
  • Triggers: Standard double trigger, optional single trigger
  • Extractors: Manual extractors, optional automatic extractors
  • Stock: Select walnut with oil finish, cheekpiece, and hand-checkered grip
  • Finish: Blued steel with finely engraved side plates


Why Choose the Sabatti Safari Big Five EDL Express Rifle?

The Sabatti Safari Big Five EDL Express Rifle is the perfect choice for hunters who value traditional style, robust construction, and superior performance. Whether facing the majestic elephant or the elusive leopard, this rifle provides the power, precision, and reliability needed for a successful hunt. Its elegant design and customizable features make it a prized possession for any big game hunter.

Experience the tradition and excellence of safari hunting with the Sabatti Safari Big Five EDL Express Rifle – a timeless companion for your greatest hunting adventures.

Overall Condition: NEW
Caliber: Choose Your Nitro Cartridge
Action: Break
Capacity: 2 Round SXS
Barrel Length: 60cm Rifled
Receiver: Finely Engraved Sideplate
Receiver: Anson & Deely Modified Boxlock
Ejectors: You Choose
Stock Type: Pistol Grip With Cheek Piece
Wood Finish: Hand Oiled & Checkered
Overall Weight of Gun: 3.17kg
Case: Aluminium (Supplied)


For the purposes of a Queensland Permit To Acquire (check for your state)

Category: B

Calibre: As Selected

Action: BREAK

Dealer: 50001615

Dealer Name: Gun Bar

Dealer Address: Po Box 308 SPRING HILL QLD 4004


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