Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic

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  • Three lugs, 7075 aluminium alloy action
  • Standard trigger
  • Cold hammer forged barrel, standard rifling
  • 3 shots removable polymer magazine
  • Two positions safety, with bolt stop
  • Wooden stock


Available in: 30-06SPRG | 308WIN | 300 WIN MAG | 7mm REM MAG

Introducing the all-new “Rover” family of rifles from Sabatti, featuring the new Rover HUNTER CLASSIC bolt-action hunting rifle. This redesigned series is dedicated to hunting, sport shooting, and professional applications, carrying on Sabatti’s renowned tradition of high quality and accuracy.

The Sabatti Rover family of rifles builds upon the classic Sabatti Rover bolt-action design, incorporating decades of experience and expertise. With a redesigned action and bolt, utilization of new materials, enhanced CNC quality, and a wide range of configurations, these rifles offer superior performance.

The new Sabatti Rover action boasts a completely fresh design, crafted from a solid billet of high-strength 7075 aluminum alloy. It undergoes precision machining to minimize manufacturing tolerances and is then hard anodized. The receiver includes an integrated Picatinny rail for the easy attachment of riflescopes or other aiming devices.

Constructed from a bar of steel using CNC machining, the new Sabatti Rover bolt features a three-lug, 60° opening throw design. Equipped with a robust extractor and a removable knob, this bolt elevates the Sabatti Rover action to one of the best available on the market.

The Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic rifle comes standard with a two-lever trigger group, with the option to upgrade to a three-lever “Match” trigger group or a single set trigger.

The cold-hammer forged barrel of the Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic rifle incorporates top-quality traditional rifling, ensuring the renowned accuracy associated with Sabatti rifles. Notably, the barrel includes a barrel extension that facilitates easy interchangeability without requiring any headspace adjustment.

Featuring a matte black finish, the Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic barrel measures 16 mm (5/8″) in diameter and terminates with an M14x1 thread, complete with a steel nut thread protector. This allows users to mount various optional muzzle brakes or flash hiders.

The Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic rifle is equipped with a warm walnut stock, which combines classic style and lightweight design with improved ergonomics. It culminates in a soft recoil pad that helps mitigate recoil from heavier calibers. The stock includes a removable cheek rest and a shim for adjusting the length of pull. Additionally, an optional kit is available, featuring two cheek rests and two additional recoil pad shims. The forearm incorporates a multipurpose steel plate, facilitating the attachment of rails, bipods, and other accessories.

The Rover Hunter Classic rifle embodies the accuracy, durability, and reliability that define Sabatti bolt-action rifles. With over 300 years of Italian gun making experience, these rifles offer exceptional performance at an affordable price point.


Technical specifications

Use: Hunting

Type: Rifle

Action: Bolt-Action

Trigger: Standard

Barrel: Rifled, interchangeable

Stock: Straight, pistol grip, adjustable cheek rest and butt-plate (option)

Brand: Sabatti

Model: Rover Hunter Classic

Action material: 7075 Aluminum alloy

Bolt: 3 lugs, blued steel

Feeding: Manual

Magazine: Polymer, removable

Magazine capacity: 3 rounds

Trigger weight: 1,2 kg / 2.6 lbs

Safety: Manual

Sights: None

Scope mounts: Picatinny rail integral to the action

Rifling: Standard (Sabatti Premium)

Lunghezza canna: 51-56-61 cm / 20”-22”-24”

Materiale canna: Steel, cold hammer forged

Muzzle diameter: 16mm / 0.63″

Muzzle thread: Yes, with protective cap

Stock material: Walnut

Stock finish: Oil finished

Length: 102-107-112 cm / 40″-42”-44”

Weight: 2,8-3,3 kg / 6.2-7.3 lbs (min-max famiglia Rover)



Overall Condition: BRAND NEW
Caliber: Your Choice
Action: Break
Capacity: Dependant On Calibre Choice

For the purposes of a Queensland Permit To Acquire (check for your state)

Category: B

Calibre: Your Chosen Calibre

Action: BOLT

Dealer: 50001615

Dealer Name: Gun Bar

Dealer Address: Po Box 308 SPRING HILL QLD 4004


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