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The Sabatti Rover Compact Scout in 30-06SPRG—a versatile and compact powerhouse for the modern marksman.

Engineered for agility and precision, this Italian-made rifle is designed to meet the demands of the field while maintaining exceptional accuracy.

We’ve paired the Sabatti Compact Scout with a Japanese Made Vixen 4-16×44 Optic (RRP $629) along with Leapers 1″ Rings for a ready to go package for larger game at a comfortable distance.

Combined Retail Value at Recommended Retail Pricing is $2,570 save yourself $575 for Ammo and grab this package for only $1,995

Key Features:

  1. Compact Design: The Rover Compact Scout boasts a compact and manoeuvrable build, making it ideal for hunters and shooters on the move. Navigate through dense terrain with ease, without compromising on performance.
  2. Chambered in 30-06SPRG: Renowned for its versatility and stopping power, the 30-06SPRG caliber ensures you’re well-equipped for a variety of hunting scenarios. From big game to long-range shots, this rifle delivers consistent and reliable performance.
  3. Scout Configuration: The scout rifle design emphasises practicality, featuring a forward-mounted optic for quick target acquisition and enhanced situational awareness. This configuration is perfect for those who value speed and adaptability in the field.
  4. Quality Construction: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Sabatti Rover Compact Scout embodies Italian craftsmanship. The rifle is built with durability in mind, ensuring it can withstand the challenges of diverse hunting environments.
  5. Smooth Bolt Action: The rifle features a smooth and reliable bolt action, allowing for quick and seamless follow-up shots. The crisp trigger pull enhances accuracy, providing the confidence you need for every shot.
  6. Adjustable Sights: Equipped with adjustable iron sights, the Rover Compact Scout offers versatility in targeting. Transition effortlessly between optics and iron sights based on your shooting preferences and environmental conditions.
  7. Synthetic Stock: The rifle’s synthetic stock is not only lightweight but also resistant to the elements. It withstands harsh weather conditions, making the Rover Compact Scout a reliable companion for hunters who venture into unpredictable environments.


Vixen 4-16×44 with Side Focus Plex Riflescope

Prepare to be astounded by Vixen Optics’ groundbreaking VI series riflescopes.

These scopes redefine expectations with meticulous optical alignment and precision engineering, guaranteeing a top-tier optic right from the start.

The VI series boasts fully multi-coated lenses for unparalleled light transmission and exceptional image clarity.

With a 1″ tube, it ensures excellent light transmission and compatibility with most rings and mounting systems.

Built to withstand shocks, water, and fog, the VI series is your lifelong companion, delivering top-notch performance in any weather condition.

  • Duplex Reticle, 2nd Focal Plane
  • 25.4mm Single-Piece Maintube
  • 1/4 MOA Impact Point Correction
  • 36 MOA Windage/Elevation Adjustments
  • Capped Windage/Elevation Turrets
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses
  • Precision-Aligned Optical System
  • Water and Fogproof
  • Made in Japan

All Vixen riflescopes are covered by a Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for the original purchaser.

The warranty does not cover accidental breakage or abuse and is not transferable.

This warranty does not cover products purchased outside of Australia


Sabatti Compact Scout Package Summary

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a tactical enthusiast, the Sabatti Rover Compact Scout in 30-06SPRG is a go-to solution for precision and adaptability.

Elevate your shooting experience—order yours today on the Gun Bar website or call the team directly on 1800GUNBAR to design your optimal Sabatti package.

Overall Condition: BRAND NEW
Caliber: 30-06SPRG
Action: BOLT
Capacity: 5 Round Mag

For the purposes of a Queensland Permit To Acquire (check for your state)

Category: B
Calibre: 30-06SPRG
Action: BOLT
Dealer: 50001615
Dealer Name: Gun Bar
Dealer Address: Po Box 308 SPRING HILL QLD 4004


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